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Archery Library of Books on PDF

All of the archery books / historical documents found below can also be found for free on and similar free PDF websites. Our collection here is for educational and scholarly purposes, to be used by archers interested in traditional archery, honing their archery skills, and bow / arrow making.

In some cases documents will also be in HTML format instead of PDF, in which case it will be designated as such with [HTML] next to the document link.

If you have a PDF book or historical document you think should be added to the list - and the item is either free from copyright, public domain, or copyrighted but available for public use - please contact us to have it added to our Archery Library.

Happy reading and shooting!

  • An Analysis of Persian Archery

  • Ancient and Modern Methods of Arrow Release - 1885

  • Archery Rules - 1870

  • Arrow Speed and Kinetic Energy

  • Galka V. Stankiewicz, Court File #03BN8727

  • Galka V. Stankiewicz, Appeal File

  • Guide to Winter Archery in Toronto [HTML]

  • How To Make Your Own Archery Equipment

  • Rules of the Halifax Archery Club

  • Rules of the Montreal Archery Club

  • Shakespeare: An Archer

  • Spalding's Athletics Library, Girls and Athletics

  • Spalding's Official Archery Guide - 1906

  • The Archery - 1879

  • The Art of Making Primitive Bows and Arrows

  • The Art of War in the Middle Ages

  • The Book of Archery

  • The Essentials of Archery

  • The History of Gambling in Archery / Archery Gambling Games in Canada [HTML]

  • The Myth of Zen in the Art of Archery

  • The Witchery of Archery

  • Toxophilus - 1545

  • Traditional Archery from Six Continents

  • Traditional Bow Making with Theodore Vandervelde [HTML]

  • Yahi Archery - 1918

  • Zen in the Art of Archery

    Archery Targets

    Here is a selection of archery targets in a zip file which you can download and print out to be used as paper targets. The selection of targets includes standard circle targets, animal targets, zombie targets and even a few people targets (eg. Justin Bieber) for amusement. For disclaimer purposes, we are not suggesting people actually shoot at Justin Bieber, simply that they may seek to shoot at a paper target of him.