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4 Tips for Camping Comfortably

Want to be able to camp in style and not break your back when you go bowhunting this Autumn? Here are 4 tips for making your bowhunting camping trip more comfortable.

Part of the appeal of camping for many people is roughing it in the great outdoors. However, you do not need to be miserably uncomfortable to enjoy the benefits of a camping trip. These four tips can help you camp comfortably.

1. Bring Something Comfortable To Sleep on

Trying to sleep on the hard ground can make for an unpleasant camping experience. Fortunately, there are several options that can make your sleeping experience a better one. A sleeping bag that is rated for the temperature you are expecting at your destination is a good place to start. You can up your comfort level by using a sleeping pad underneath the bag to provide more cushion. A small air mattress is also an option if you will not need to carry it around. Cots are another option for adding comfort and it has the benefit of elevating you off the ground, which is ideal for rocky terrain or cold nights.

Thermarest Cot, $199.99 CDN

WFS Big Boy Oversized Sleeping Bag, $118.99 CDN

2. Pack Some Sleeping Gear

You can try rolling up an extra sleeping bag or some other item to use as a pillow, but you will probably be more comfortable if you pack a small pillow or an inflatable camping pillow. Consider also packing earplugs to block out noise from other campers, insects or wildlife. Do not forget to pack pajamas or comfortable clothing to sleep in.

3. Plan a Bedtime Routine

Throwing your sleeping bag on the ground and trying to fall asleep could lead to some sleepless nights. Try to keep your routine similar to the one you have at home. Bring a light, so you can read or find your way to the bathroom. Pack a toothbrush and whatever other hygiene items you need. Try to use the bathroom before you get in your sleeping bag to reduce the chances of having to get up in the middle of the night.

4. Stay Warm

If you have ever tried to sleep when you were too cold, you probably know what a bad experience this can be. If the night is going to be chilly, help yourself stay warm by eating a light meal or snack before bedtime, drinking a warm nonalcoholic beverage, wearing clean, dry clothing, and getting a little exercise before you turn in.

A little extra planning and the right gear can help make your camping trip a more pleasant one. Consider these four tips the next time you plan a camping trip.

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