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Archery Toronto,

Bowhunting, Project Gridless

Free Archery Advice,

Gary Chynne on YouTube

Historical Archery on YouTube

Toronto Archery,


THE TORONTO STAR, Learning to Shoot a Bow and Arrow

THE TORONTO STAR, Archery Trend hits Bullseye

Ontario Out Of Doors, Magazine


E. T. Seton Park, Wikipedia

Toronto School of Archery in Etobicoke


Archery Canada

Ontario Association of Archers

World Archery

Archers of Caledon

York County Bowmen

June 2023 Update

We updated the link for "Historical Archery" plus added a link to Gary Chynne's YouTube channel, which he deals with many of the minutiae of shooting longbows and the history of archery. If you know of other archery blogs / vlogs we should add don't forget to contact us so we can update the list shown above.

April 2021 Update

In 2021 one of our readers noticed that a number of links on this page were dead, including the websites: Artemis and Friends, Hart House Archery,, and the Ontario Centre for Classical Sport, plus an old Canadian Daily article that we had linked to in the magazine/media section. So the list of sites we had collected basically shrunk by 5. Although we did add "Historical Archery" on YouTube as a video blog, so a net loss of 4.

However, in the interest in growing this list we are open to Local suggestions within Toronto and the province of Ontario. Use the Contact section to let us know about other archery websites in Toronto / Ontario. Suggestions should be free resources and not stores, as we have a separate section for archery stores/shopping. Thus we are looking for: Archery Toronto Blogs, Archery Toronto YouTube channels, newspaper articles, professional associations, private archery ranges, etc.