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Review of Three Recurves from Bear Archery Products

Submitted by C. Moffat - September 2014

First Up: The Bear Grizzly Vs Bear Super Grizzly

Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow

Jon Voight shooting a Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow

The Bear Grizzly is considered to be one of the best single piece recurves available out there - and according to some it is THE BEST. The bow has changed little over the decades since it was first marketed by Fred Bear in 1950. Fred Bear used the bow himself on many hunting trips. The bow was also used by Jon Voight in the 1972 film "Deliverance", during which the bow is broken during the film - because the plot called for it - but under normal circumstances a Bear Grizzly recurve doesn't break so easily.

Below: Burt Reynolds being trained how to shoot with a Bear Grizzly.

Burt Reynolds shooting a Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow

So then you ask, what about the Super Grizzly? Isn't it better than the normal Grizzly?

Bear SuperGrizzly Recurve Bow

The Super Grizzly first hit the market in the mid 1970s - not long after the 1972 film "Deliverance" made the Bear Grizzly famous.

And you might wonder, what is the difference - asides from the colour - between the two bows? Well, the limbs are both backed and faced with high strength black fiberglass and asides from the riser, they're basically the exact same bow. The Super Grizzly however has a two piece riser, is made of some different materials and comes with a Dynaflight 97 Flemish String instead of a mere Dacron Flemish String.

I give both bows 5 stars out of 5.

Value for Price - The Bear Grizzly is $359 and the Super Grizzly is $459. Being one of the best bows in the world, the Grizzly is great value for price. The Super Grizzly is equally as good, you are really just paying an extra $100 for the two piece riser and the nicer bow string.

Shoots Straight - Excellent for both.

Durability - Excellent for both.

Beauty - Excellent, but given the choice I think the Grizzly is actually better looking. They really should make the Super Grizzly available in other colours.

Warranty - Bear Archery has an amazing reputation for their archery products. They almost never break (the compounds sometimes do, but usually due to user error - not usually due to a problem with the manufacturing process) and even if it does break Bear will repair or even replace the bow. For free if it is manufacturing defect, for a fee if you made the error. This gives Bear an amazing reputation when it comes to their warranty and their ability to stand behind the quality of their products. If you have an old Bear bow that is in need of repairs contact them to find out the level of service they put into maintaining their great reputation.

Bear Takedown Recurve Bow

Review of the Bear Take-Down (Three Piece Recurve)

Submitted by C. Moffat - September 2014

Honestly. This is arguably the best three piece wooden recurve in the world. At $829 it is a tad expensive, but if you buy this bow you will probably never need to buy another bow ever again - just different poundage limbs for whatever you need them for. My recommendation would be to get the 35 lb limbs for days when you are tired, and get the 50 or 55 lb limbs for when you are intending to be hunting for deer, elk, black bear or whatever it is you are hunting.

The Take-Down is basically just a three piece version of the Bear Grizzly and Fred Bear himself used the bow during many of his hunts later in his life, right up to his last hunt. It shoots every bit as smooth as the Grizzly or Super Grizzly, but has the convenience of being able to be packed up into a case easier and you are able to swap the limbs out. It also comes with a compass inlaid in the riser of the bow.

And unlike the Super Grizzly mentioned above, it is available in different colours.

I give the Take-Down 4.75 stars. If traveling overseas this would be the bow I would take with me for recreational shooting.

Value for Price - Three quarters of a star, it is rather expensive - but you are still getting a very nice bow for what you are paying.

Shoots Straight - Excellent.

Durability - Excellent.

Beauty - Looks amazing and they have several different colours to choose from.

Warranty - Bear Archery Product's amazing reputation and lifetime warranty.