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Recommended Archery Reading for both New and Experienced Archers

Aiming / Visualizing

  • 1997. Visualization 1,. Archery Focus 1, (5).
  • 1998. Visualization 2. Archery Focus 2 (1).
  • Moffat, Charles. 2013. Dominant Eye for Archery and Other Sports.

    Bows and Arrows

  • Dudley, John. Which arrows should I use for 3-D? Archery Focus 2 (4).
  • Frangilli, Vittorio. Arrow selection. Archery Focus 6 (1).
  • Frangilli, Vittorio. To tell limbs from limbs. Archery Focus 6 (L).
  • Gerard, Mike. Recurve bow tuning tips. Archery Focus2(6).
  • Kronengold, David. Sighting in Archery Focus4(2).
  • Kronengold, David. Setting up compound bows-the easy way. Archery Focus 7 (2).
  • Lueck, Gene. How to level your compound bow sight. Archery Focus 6 (4). (available free in " Complimentary Issue" at
  • McKinney, Rick. what type of fletching is best? Archery Focus 2 (2).
  • Moffat, Charles. 2013. What the eff is FOC Weight?
  • Rabska, Don. Setting tiller for a recurve- Archery Focus 2 (1).
  • Wise, Larry. Tuning your draw length- Archery Focus 2 (4).
  • Wise, Larry. Using the back-tension release aid: parts I EE2. Archery Focus 3 (4-5).


  • 2000. Coaching and sport psychology: Making your students mentally tough. Archery Focus 4 (3).
  • Martens, R. 1987. Coaches' guide to sport psychology. Champaign, IL:Human Kinetics.

    Compound Shooting

  • Mastering Compound Bows (eBook, pDF format). All the technical aspects of shooting a compound bow with a release from champion archer James Park of Australia. Color photos, some showing the form of 2003 world champion and fellow Australian, Clint Freeman. Available on CDROM at www.archery-
  • Straight Talk from the Pros (Video). There is no better guide to shooting with a release aid than this video. Hear from top release shooters how the rise their release but also how they got into trouble and how they got out. Great footage of great shooters shooting with release aids. 68 minutes, VHS. Available from Carter Enterprises at 208-624-3467 or
  • Wise, Larry. Core Archery. The Master Coach and professional archer's latest book, Core Archery, is his long awaited missive on compound archery form. Available directly from the author at 1-800-464-9997.
  • Wise, Larry and Helgeland, Glenn. (1998). On Target for Tuning your Compound Bow. Available directly from the author 1-800-464-9997.


  • Clark, Nancy. 1998. Eating before competing . The Physician and Sports Medicine 26 (9).
  • Dudek, Susan J. L987. Nutrition handbook for nursing practice. Buffalo, NY: J.B. Lippincott.

    Equipment and Equipment Maintenance

  • Moffat, Charles. 2013. Stabilizers for Archery - How do they work?
  • Moffat, Charles. 2013. Olympic Archery Equipment - Does more expensive equipment mean better shots?
  • Rowe, Ruth and Anderson, Allen. Simple Maintenance for Archery. Everything you need to know about the basic maintenance of recurve and compound bows as well as arrows and other archery tackle. Highly recommended. Available from Archery Focus Magazine (1-800-671-1140) or


  • Moffat, Charles. 2013. 10 Weightlifting Tips for Archers.
  • Moffat, Charles. 2013. Archery Warmup Exercises + Stretches.
  • Moffat, Charles. 2013. How to Train for Archery at Home.
  • Moffat, Charles. 2014. Mirror Muscles for Archery.
  • Moffat, Charles. 2014. What type of bow is best for weight training?
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    General Archery

  • Moffat, Charles. 2013. Ancient Techniques of Fast Archery.
  • Moffat, Charles. 2012. Archery Tips for Beginners.
  • Moffat, Charles. 2014. Five Quick Archery Tips for Beginners.
  • Moffat, Charles. 2013. Rapid Fire Archery - Different Techniques of Fast Shooting.
  • Precision Archery. Editors Ruis, Steve and Stevenson, Claudia. 2004. This is arguably the best archery resource available. It is a collection of recurve and compound articles, everything from aiming, form, equipment maintenance, coaching, competition mental training, preparing for weather conditions and more.
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  • Wise, Larry. (1994). On Target for Tuning your 3-D Bow. Available directly from the author at 1-800-464-9997.


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    Just for Fun

  • Franseen L.M. 1997. Relaxation is the target. Archery Focus 1, (3).
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  • Pelfrey, Ty. The fine art of trash talking. Archery Focus 5 (1).

    Mental Training

  • 2001. Does positive self-talk really work? Archery Focus 5 (6).
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    Overall Fitness

  • American Council on Exercise. 1996-1997. ACE personal trainer manual, ed.
  • Richard T. Cotton. San Diego: ACE.
  • American Dietetic Association. Athletes fuel up for fitness and weight management.

    Recurve Shooting

  • Rowe, Ruth. Fundamentals of Recurve Target Archery. Targeted toward beginning or returning recurve archers and coaches of such archers, this is a step by step, no nonsense approach to the right track. Every recurve archer would benefit from reviewing this material. Especially valuable for coaches. Available from Archery Focus Magazine (1-800-671-1140; or


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  • Bassham, Larry. With winning in Mind. This is the book on performance enhancement by Olympic champion, world champion, and Olympic coach Lanny
  • Bassham. Highly recommended. Available at
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  • 1998. It's all routine. Archery Focus 2 (6).
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  • McKinney, Rick. The simple Art of Winning. Available from Archery Focus Magazine (1-800-671-1140) or directly from the author at This is one of the very best resources for recurve bow shooters, especially if you shoot FITA freestyle. Every aspect of recurve archery is covered by the most decorated archer in American history.
  • Moffat, Charles. 2014. 10 Tips for People who want to get into Competitive Archery.