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A Guide to Online Sports Betting in Canada

With the advent of the internet, Canadaís sports gambling scene received a major shock. The fierce regulations surrounding legalized gambling in Canada donít quite cover betting websites, and so the online gambling market boomed. Though it still exists in a sort of legal gray area, no moves have been made to shut down or in any way shackle these betting sites, and so they continue to exist, and even flourish.

Even though Canadaís online sports gambling scene is far less regulated and far more expansive than its regular casino industry, itís not the easiest scene to get into. With large multitudes of various casino sites, each with its own look and mechanics, trying to find the trustworthy ones - and beyond that, the ones that are the best fit for your own personal tastes - can be rather difficult. Some sites only offer the most popular sports, with few having sports like Canadian archery on their lists.

If youíre just getting started, you wonít be intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the online casinos, and there are many things which can be confusing.

Since there is such a wide selection of online casinos that offer sports betting, youíll never have to settle for anything less than perfect for you. Here are some aspects you should be looking for when choosing the right online casino for your sports betting needs.

Welcome Bonus

Most online casinos offer at least one kind of sign-up bonus, and the better ones will offer a few simultaneously. There are a number of different types of sign-up bonuses, including:

  • Matching your first deposit: this sign-up bonus means the casino will add the same amount to your account that you do with your first deposit. Different casinos have different multipliers on this bonus, and some will offer things like a 200% match up to a certain amount, which means if you deposit $100, theyíll add an extra $200. Just read this bet365 review for Canadians and youíll see an example.

  • Free plays: as well as matching your first deposit, some casinos offer a number of free plays when you sign up. The amount can vary greatly, so look out for the more worthwhile ones.


    Not all online casinos offer the same selection of sports, and some donít even have that much of a focus on sports at all, devoting most of their resources to classic casino games like slots and blackjack. Bet365, mentioned in the previous section, is probably the best in this regard, having an immense selection of sports, and their site is almost completely catered to sports bettors. Make sure that the site you choose is similarly angled toward sports, or you may become frustrated.


    A big draw for some gambling sites can be the promotions they run. These vary from site-to- site more so than other aspects, so make it a point to peruse the available promotions at each site you visit. Promotions can range from being granted VIP status, to better wins, or even tickets to high-profile sports games. Once youíve found a site that fits your needs, all thatís left to do is sign up and start betting. Keep an eye on the statistics for better chances of making a winning bet.

  • Sports Betting in Canada

    A Guide to Online Sports Betting in Canada